365 Project: Fail

12 Jan
365 Project: Fail

Wow. My first ever go at a 365 project and I never got past day one; shocking! And I had such an awesome subject: Hannah! Booo… ah well. I do have some other images that I took of her in the past 11 days, which I’ll post below.

Hannah has, however, achieved ENORMOUS things in these past few days:

  1. She can now click her tongue;
  2. She has been experimenting with sound, particularly the change that enhanced acoustics make to her cute little squeal (eg. in the bathroom);
  3. She can now get up onto her knees and inch her way very slowly forward; and
  4. She can now say “Mama”!!! 😀

So all in all an absolutely momentous time in her development! I’m so lucky that I can take her to the shop with me and was able to witness all of this first hand. It’s been particularly delightful when, in between customers, I can engage in playtime with her and encourage her to extend herself. Not to mention taking a few happy snaps too 😉

The question is: will I try again with the 365 Project? Hmm… unsure at this point. To be honest I’ve been flat out just trying to live in the moment more and enjoy her in person, rather than through a lens.

I’ve also enjoyed turning off the laptop and heading outside with Hannah and Lexie (the dogga) a bit more. I even went so far as to buy myself a new wizz-bang sports bra! I can’t wait to start running with the pram, as H is now 6 months old, but I digress…

Here are some cute shots of the lil miss this past week…

Sleepy Hannah

Sleepy Hannah

Going for gold! Trying to get to Mr Octopus.

Going for gold! Trying to get to Mr Octopus.



Sleeping on the job at the shop

Sleeping on the job at the shop



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