The Amazing Kicky-Poo!

14 Jan
The Amazing Kicky-Poo!

Hannah has developed yet another skill – the ability to get across a room in her rocker 😀

Check it out here:

I am constantly amazed at how many skills she has developed already! This last week in particular, which is why I’m hoping that this is the reason behind her lack of sleep and general irritability at the moment. Perhaps it’s all developmental? You know, a wonder week or something? Can they still get those at 6 months?

2 nights ago Hannah was up from 2am til 5am; I tried feeding her, rocking her, singing to her… I eventually decided to bath her and she was out not long after that, thank goodness. Last night she ended up rocking herself to sleep in the chair, which was quite useful! 😀 She slept on it from midnight to 5am, which is the longest she’s slept for in one hit, so that’s a win I reckon!

Back when she was sleeping the longest, I actually wasn’t using a routine as such and would put her to bed between 8pm and 9pm, whenever she was ready. Lately, however, I have been trying to establish more of a routine; could it be that Hannah’s a bit of a night owl and doesn’t want to go to bed at 7pm?


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