Why didn’t I listen?

04 Mar

It is 7:01pm and Hannah is in bed… asleep! Not only that, she slept for 1.5 hours this afternoon – the most she has in I don’t know how long. And how did this come about, you ask? I finally read ‘Save Our Sleep’ by Tizzie Hall, after my sister and numerous others had told me how good it was.

My efforts began last night – she was down by 8pm, woke up again around 10pm, then slept til 1am. That’s when I had some difficulties – the book says keep her in her cot without going in until a minimum of 18 minutes passes; I lasted 10 minutes.

She fed and took a while to go back down, but on the stroke of 2am I was back in bed and didn’t wake up until she was crying for me at 7am – not bad! And once we were up and going I got into the routine really easily and so did Hannah.Here’s Tizzie’s suggestion for a baby between 7 and 9 months old:

  • 7am – Milk feed
  • 8am – Solids (2 courses is recommended, so today I went with Farex then custard)
  • 9:20am – Down for a nap. This she wasn’t prepared to do, even though she was tired. I let her protest for about the same amount of time last night and then ended up rocking her for 3 mins in her rocker and she was out. Cheating? Maybe. Effective? Yes.
  • 11am – Milk feed
  • 12pm – Lunch (2 courses again)
  • 1:20pm – Nap time (Hannah would have been asleep by 1:30pm, although I rocked her again for a couple of mins after I couldn’t stand it anymore – we were at the shop)
  • When she wakes up, milk feed – except when she woke up she was grinning from ear to ear and was so happy that I forgot!!
  • 5pm – Tea (solids – 2 courses)
  • 6:15pm – Bath time (this was my addition to the routine, so that I could cook and eat dinner between 5:30pm and then)
  • 6:30pm – Milk feed
  • 7pm – Bed (except that Hannah had already been yawning before her bath, so she made it to 6:40pm and was out – yay!)

Hannah napping yesterday

It remains to be seen how long she sleeps tonight, but apparently she has the potential to sleep from 7pm til 7am – imagine that!!!!


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