Advent Calendar ideas

10 Nov

Lately I’ve been gathering some amazing ideas for Christmas for my job with the Canvas Factory and posting one idea every day on their Facebook page. I’ve come across some outstanding – and quite a few cheap – ideas for Advent calendars, and so thought I’d share a few ideas with you here 🙂

1. Wrap 24 books & put them under the tree for the kids to choose one each night before Christmas. They don’t even  need to be new books – they could be ones you already have in the cupboard but haven’t read yet, or even second hand books.

Wonderful Advent calendar idea - wrap 24 books & put them under the tree for the kids to choose one each night before #Christmas

2. I love this Christmas bucket Advent idea – you could have a different activity for each day and you wouldn’t necessarily need to number them either, so it’s a surprise for you too! Source

Christmas bucket Advent calendar idea - a different activity every day.

3. If you’re feeling crafty, here’s a beautiful scrapbooking Advent calendar using ‘library pockets’ or seed packets. Source

A lovely Advent calendar idea for #Christmas.

4. I absolutely adore this idea: giving experiences rather than things in an Advent calendar. For example ‘decorate cookies’, ‘drive around to see the lights’ and ‘write a letter to Santa’. Source

"Experiences" rather than "things" for the countdown to #Christmas.

5. Here’s an envelope Advent calendar and inside each day is a story, an activity and a song. Fantastic idea to keep the kids busy! Source

Envelope #Christmas Advent calendar - each day has a story, activity and a song.

6. One of my amazing friends made this beautiful Advent Calendar for me – it’s a square canvas, painted, with envelopes for putting activities, songs, book names or whatever we want in there. I love it!

Advent Calendar ideas

Made by Just Because crafts


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