About Me

Hannah and Mummy March 6th 2013My name is Mel and this was my daughter, Hannah, at 8 months – she’s now 1. She is a wonderfully happy little girl who has become the very core of my universe. So much so that she has influenced how, when and in what industry I work, which led me to blogging.

I have always been someone who either goes at 110% or doesn’t go at all; an all or nothing type A personality. It hasn’t always worked in my favour, but what’s life without a few lessons along the way, right?

I have my finger in many different pies – teaching (now back 0.4), retail (I just sold my business), freelancing and community. I don’t think I’d be satisfied if I didn’t have many things on the go at the same time, although my current mix has come about via Hannah’s arrival.

I am now a single mother who needs to provide balance and stability, whilst also seeking fulfillment and happiness for myself and for my daughter.

I can’t wait to share our zany adventures with you and I hope that you do the same 🙂



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