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I’m a 12WBT fraud!

Well I’m embarrassed… I had a terrible week this past week in terms of exercise (as in, not exercising) and eating (I ate nachos for lunch yesterday…) so it was with some surprise that I weighed myself this morning and found that I had lost another 1.1kg since last week…

How can that be? I know that I have been more mindful of what and how much I’ve been eating, as well as eating    some of the meals that were 12WBT approved, but it’s not very fair when other people have been working their butts off and haven’t seen much loss.

How have you gone this week? Do you find that exercising every day is easy or a hard slog?


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12WBT: Week 1 Weigh-in

12WBT: Week 1 Weigh-in

Today was the day to weigh in for the first time and I came in at 79kg, 1kg loss! Not bad for 2 days 🙂

I haven’t exactly been the poster child for the program though – I missed my exercise yesterday and today due to the weather. In fact, I’m seriously considering changing my program from ‘Learn to Run – Outdoors’ to the ‘Weight Loss for Beginners – At Home’. I mean we’re 3 days in and already I’m making excuses not to exercise. They mostly include “but it’s raining…”, although I’ve also been unwell lately so that has something to do with it.

I suppose that I’m trying not to set myself up for failure – if I’m relying on sunny weather here in Clare during Autumn and Winter, I probably am. SO! Being proactive, I think I’ll change to something more manageable. That’s a win, right?


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12WBT: Round 2 – Let’s Go!

So I’ve finally done it! I’ve signed up for the Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT program! Today’s the first day and I’ve already done my exercise, which is amazing… I really wasn’t sure how I’d go with Hannah (my 10 month old) and my motivation (haha).

I decided to do a few “before” shots so that I can see exactly how well I do. My goal is to be as transparent about this with you as possible – I don’t want to be able to hide anywhere. My starting weight is 80kg and my goal initially was to lose 15kg. I’m now wondering whether that was a little ambitious and perhaps should aim for 10kg instead? To be honest, I’d happy just to drop a dress size or two and get fitter before Hannah starts walking.

So, this is me now:

My sister and I on my first Mother's Day.

      My sister and I on my first Mother’s Day.

I have to admit that I wouldn’t be capable of running if I didn’t have a couple of important things:

1. My Panache Sports Bra – this has been a revelation for me (and my customers at Honeypot Lingerie)! I don’t mind sharing that I’m a 14G and to find a bra that actually prevents most of my bounce (83%) is AMAAAAAZING! In fact, a lot of my customers wear them as an everyday bra, although I couldn’t yet because after breastfeeding for 10 months, it feels rather firm!

You can see the difference in life and shape it makes in my photos above. Yesterday (Mother’s Day) I was wearing an older maternity bra.

Panache Sports Bra

2. I absolutely adore the Rexona Clinical Protection Ultra Dry – I’ve always had an issue and now I don’t, it’s that simple! It is more expensive (around $12-$14 each) but it lasts quite a while and has a nice fragrance. Plus I have very sensitive skin and it’s been no worries.

(NB – I have no affiliation with Rexona, this is purely my personal opinion)




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