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The inner workings of a baby’s brain

I have been astounded at the rapid rate with which Hannah seems to be growing up lately and this week has been no exception. Just yesterday she used the sign for ‘finished’, which I have been using with her for 2 months, since she started solids. I had to keep checking with her that this is what she wanted (for me to stop feeding her) but she only had one more mouthful and then started getting really cranky with me. I guess it does work!

I think she’s also at the stage where she’s starting to figure out how things tick – I just caught her inspecting the straps, harness and the spring of her jolly jumper very closely. Almost like “well if I do this, oh I see… that happens!”. Then, happy with her theory, proceeded to bounce again.

She also now points her index finger and ‘boops’ me on the end of my nose whilst feeding, like I have been doing to her since she was born. 


Amazing stuff!


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My budding musician

My budding musician

When I was pregnant, Hannah would groove away whenever Bob Marley was played. She wasn’t really fussy which song, but particularly enjoyed “Could You Be Loved?”. I tried to engage her in the songs after she was born but I think she was a bit young; definitely a goal for the near future though.

Lately I’ve been wondering about the benefits of ‘sensory play’. I’ve read a bit about it through the Facebook page Sensory Learning 4 Life, as well as finding great resources on Pinterest, so I decided to have a go and gave Hannah a bowl and a spoon, to see what would happen. I didn’t expect it to be so popular and for Hannah to start playing with rhythm and repetition!


I’m also really keen to try ‘Cornmeal Play’ found on the Productive Parenting website. The idea is that you fill a container with cornmeal (or a similar substance), simply add a couple of measuring cups or scoops and away they go! The skills covered include tactile stimulation, sensory development and fine motor skills. I might even try it later today 😀

If you have any great sensory activities for your baby, I’d love to hear them!


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