Ladybug Ladybird Party Theme Ideas

First of all, what is the different between a ladybug and a ladybird? As far as I understand it, it’s a cultural thing (eg. Aussie v American). Either way, this is the theme I’ve chosen for my daughter’s 1st birthday. It’s in 2 WEEKS!!!! I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly!

Invitation Ideas

I’ve decided to make the invitations myself. I would have LOVED to have made little ladybugs with wings that open for the invitations, but I have to be practical – I go back to work tomorrow and it’s just not going to happen.

I’ve just whipped this one up using Paint – it’s not terribly fancy, but it’s still sweet.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

I really liked the following example invitation too, although unfortunately I have no idea where I found it. Probably off Facebook or Pinterest, but you can see that it was made by Serendipity Design.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


Decoration Ideas

There are so many beautiful parties out there and planning a 1st birthday has its pressure, that’s for sure. So here are some lovely examples of parties with decorations that I aspire to have.

1. I simply adore the hand-made art at the back of this dessert table. I might even try to make one for Hannah, I love it that much! I also really like the garland hanging in front of the table. Source.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


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Rainbow Party Theme Ideas

I’ve had lots of requests through Perfect Party Pieces for some Rainbow party theme ideas, so I thought I’d share some here as well.

Cake Ideas

1. My awesome sister-in-law sent me this photo of an amazing rainbow cake – it’s a Duff Tie Died Cake Mix cake.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

For a fantastic step by step guide on how to make one, check this out!


2. Here is a fantastic visual of how to create this rainbow look, step-by-step. Again, the link to this from Pinterest is not working and I don’t know who to credit.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

3. Here’s another great idea for a rainbow cake and I love the little flags around the outside. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


I love easy decorations, so here a few ideas:

1. This would make a fantastic centrepiece for a rainbow themed party or for any birthday, simply by putting the correct age into the jar first and filling up with M&Ms, Smarties or Skittles. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

2. This awesome rainbow balloon wall would be a fantastic addition to any party. You could also hide things in the balloons to find when popping, or use the balloons as a part of a party game later in the day. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

Or from the same source:

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

3. Here’s a tutorial to create this cute rainbow cloud garland.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

4. I love the combo of pom poms and balloons, and having the staircase helps to create that rainbow progression too. However, this could easily be recreated on a string, along a window frame or across a patio. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

5. I love the table runner – this could easily be replicated by sewing together different coloured strips of fabric onto one backing piece. I’m loving the umbrellas too! Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

6. This cute ribbon garland just screams festive fun! You could add even more colours to it if you wanted to, or use red, white and blue streamers only for a 4th July or Australia Day feel. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

7. I love the decorations here, especially the colourful cups and plates they’ve used. Mind you, I don’t know about washing up after a party… lol Here’s the source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

Rainbow Cupcakes and Snacks

1. This has to be one of my all time favourite cupcake ideas! Relatively simple to do but so effective. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

2. Here’s a great for making mini rainbow cakes and a how-to guide that would be easy enough to bake with the kids. Source.

How to make rainbow cupcakes with your toddler | Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces


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Selling up and moving on!

So I made the huge decision last week to sell my lingerie business (Honeypot Lingerie) and am stoked to say that I’ve had a lot of interest. I’ll admit; I was a bit worried no one would be interested. In the end I may have listed the price too low :-/ oh well! 🙂

I was upset to begin with – it’s been my baby for almost 2 years and had so many ideas and dreams for the future, but life is what you make it and at the moment I don’t see a lot of quality.

Hannah’s with me at the shop, but I rarely get time to sit down and play with her. I’m freelancing a lot lately (which I adore), just so that I can afford not to be at the shop full time, but then I’m doing more freelancing because I’m not at the shop full time, and somehow 11pm comes around awfully quickly each day, and I have to wonder – what did I achieve today? What did I do for myself? What new activity did I try with Hannah or new skill did I try to teach her? What was the best part of the day?

And I come up empty.

So I’m thinking, surely there’s more to life than this? So! Step one – sell business. Step 2 – set aside Hannah only time every day – no work, no TV, no distractions. Just us playing and having fun. Step 3 – go for a walk with the dog every day, unless the weather would endanger our health. Step 4 – start enjoying life more, however I can 🙂

Do you have any suggestions? What do you do to enrich your life? Where does your spark and sense of fulfilment come from?


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Travel through Color – Inspiration for your next painting project

Travel through Color – Inspiration for your next painting project

I adore travelling the world; I believe that it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to be able to experience other lands, climates and cultures. Indeed when I return home, I plaster my walls, fridge and computer screen with images that I’ve captured from my journey, just so that I can hold onto that feeling a little bit longer. So the thought struck me; why not bring the colors that inspire me from around the world into my home?

The first step is to identify what inspires you – is it a particular color palette, shade or texture of your favorite image? What is it about the photo that evokes that feeling of longing and wonder? Then you need to draw out the essential hues and tones, in order to find paint shades, furniture and accessories to match.

For now I’ve decided to start by sharing some stunning images found through Pinterest (where all original sources and credits can be found), as well as some I’ve taken from my own travels. I’ll then take those color palettes and share some ideas and inspiration with you in upcoming blog posts.

Please head to for the images. Enjoy! :-)


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Colour your life with Paint My Place

Colour your life with Paint My Place

I love DIY projects and watching shows like The Block, so I was stoked to find out about a new iPhone app coming out onto the market tomorrow. Better still, I have the absolute pleasure of assisting with the marketing campaign, which I got through Elance 😀

Paint My Place iPhone AppPaint My Place allows you to try out the world’s best paint brands and colour palettes, without lifting a paintbrush. You take a photo of your house then use the app to test out different shades; how awesome is that?! I honestly think it could redefine design. Have a look at the latest demo video:

To find out more info, head to and don’t forget to like and follow our social media pages:



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I’m a 12WBT fraud!

Well I’m embarrassed… I had a terrible week this past week in terms of exercise (as in, not exercising) and eating (I ate nachos for lunch yesterday…) so it was with some surprise that I weighed myself this morning and found that I had lost another 1.1kg since last week…

How can that be? I know that I have been more mindful of what and how much I’ve been eating, as well as eating    some of the meals that were 12WBT approved, but it’s not very fair when other people have been working their butts off and haven’t seen much loss.

How have you gone this week? Do you find that exercising every day is easy or a hard slog?


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Back in the saddle again: SAGTA Conference 2013

Yesterday I got back on the proverbial horse and presented at the state German teacher’s conference in Adelaide. I’ve done this a few times now and I’ve absolutely loved it in the past, but since being on maternity leave for almost a year, I was a bit worried about how I’d go.

The day didn’t start well; I slept in! Thankfully my parents had offered to have Hannah overnight so that I could get a full nights’ sleep, but without having her as the alarm clock that you can’t turn off, I rolled over and enjoyed a few more zzz’s. I did make it to Adelaide with enough time to set up though and take a few deep breaths. I even got to enjoy the morning tea that was provided – yum!

My workshop this year was on ‘Using Social Media and Web  2.0 Tools in Education’. It brought together a range of websites, apps and ideas that I’ve been playing with for the past 2 years and also the work I have been doing as a freelance social media marketing assistant and how I see this as relevant in education.

My presentation style is a little… energetic at times. I’m so passionate about what I do that I can’t help but get really into what I’m talking about, which can be a great thing… or not, if your audience isn’t feeling it too. As I had an 80 minute time slot, I decided to touch on 5 major aspects, or else I might be facing participant revolt! That’s ‘a long time to concentrate on one topic! It’s bad enough when you’re teaching a double lesson at school, let alone asking adults to stay in the zone for that long.

I talked about:

  1. The many great benefits of Moodle in education,
  2. Showcased what the DECD (SA Education Department) Languages team has produced for Government language teachers (which is a fantastic resource of Web 2.0 tools),
  3. Introduced how Facebook might be used to keep German (or any subject) at the forefront of a student’s mind and looked at the benefits of pages v groups, 
  4. Showed off the awesome vocab learning website ‘Language Perfect‘ and talked about the World Championships that starts tomorrow, and
  5. Explained what Pinterest is and how it could be used in an educational context.

I also briefly mentioned my Elance work and freelancing.

Overall the reaction was fantastic! Although it seemed like a few of the workshop participants weren’t following or weren’t interested, a couple of them actually came up to me afterwards and said that they found it inspirational. Aww, shucks 🙂

I’m so happy with how it went and I hope each of the participants went away with at least one idea for using social media or a web 2.0 tool either in their German classroom or to assist in their professional learning and development. It has also inspired me to create a couple of pages devoted to these topics on this blog – Social Media in Education and Web 2.0 Tools in Education. It may take me a little time to gather my resources and get everything on here, but I’m determined to share any resources and ideas that I have 😀

If you’re a teacher in South Australia and you think that your staff might benefit from some training and development in one of these areas, I would be more than happy to have a chat about visiting your school. Please contact me via the following form and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

I’m pumped! 😀


Please provide your contact details here, if you are interested in a workshop at your school:


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