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Beautiful educational storybook about to be released

Where Has Polly Gone‘ is a story about Netta, a young ostrich who finds it very difficult to concentrate at school and who finds it very easy to get into trouble. Travelling the world in search of ‘Polly’ – the Summer homework her teacher has set her – Netta discovers that polygons are all around her.

Book CoverI am very fortunate to have gotten a sneak peak at this beautifully illustrated book before it’s released (later next month), as I’m the Marketing Assistant for author, Lisa Service.

This book accurately reflects the frustration that so many of my students who suffer from ADD/ADHD have felt in the classroom. Without attention and care to their learning needs, it is easy to understand how they might find themselves gazing off into the distance, taking their imaginations to more interesting places.

I love the fact that this book focuses on geography, especially the inclusion of different country flags and the shapes that have been used to symbolise their people. Considering that many Middle School students still can’t use maps effectively, this is fantastic!

The layering of shapes throughout this book is very well done – from the obvious to the subtle, it provides teachers and parents with the opportunity for explicit teaching, as well as student centered discovery.

The website includes a blog written by Lisa Service, as well as lesson plans linking directly to the book and Learning Outcomes from the US, with Australian Curriculum links to come. It will also include a platform from which to buy the book, as either an eBook or a hard cover book.

You can also find other great teaching resources shared on the Where Has Polly Gone? Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest page and Google+ page.


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Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys

I did a bit of research into parties for 11 year old boys and came across a lot of posts from people who said that their son didn’t want a traditional party; they wanted a stay at home party with video/computer games or an action packed outdoor adventure. So, I decided to categorise the ideas under 3 headings; Traditional Themes, Indoor Ideas and Outdoor Ideas.


Traditional Theme Ideas (by this I mean something you can create themed decorations for)

  1. Call of Duty, Black Ops Party –
  2. Lego –
  3. Duck Dynasty paintball (combines an outdoor activity with a theme you can create matching invites etc for) –
  4. Big Bang Theory –
  5. Minecraft –
  6. Cowbow Western –
  7. Army –
  8. Baseball (or any other sport for that matter) –

 Indoor Ideas

  1. Bowling
  2. Go to the movies
  3. Make a cinema in your own living room
  4. Trivia night, eg. using Buzz or Trivial Pursuit
  5. Console games / computer games night, eg. Wii and xBox

Outdoor Ideas

  1. Paintballing
  2. Capture the flag
  3. Treasure hunt
  4. Camping in the backyard
  5. Moonlight – also known as flashlight, played at night with one person holding the flashlight, trying to find others.
  6. Ghost stories and a trip to the local graveyard (yeah, I thought that one was creepy too)

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Ladybug Ladybird Party Theme Ideas

First of all, what is the different between a ladybug and a ladybird? As far as I understand it, it’s a cultural thing (eg. Aussie v American). Either way, this is the theme I’ve chosen for my daughter’s 1st birthday. It’s in 2 WEEKS!!!! I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly!

Invitation Ideas

I’ve decided to make the invitations myself. I would have LOVED to have made little ladybugs with wings that open for the invitations, but I have to be practical – I go back to work tomorrow and it’s just not going to happen.

I’ve just whipped this one up using Paint – it’s not terribly fancy, but it’s still sweet.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

I really liked the following example invitation too, although unfortunately I have no idea where I found it. Probably off Facebook or Pinterest, but you can see that it was made by Serendipity Design.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


Decoration Ideas

There are so many beautiful parties out there and planning a 1st birthday has its pressure, that’s for sure. So here are some lovely examples of parties with decorations that I aspire to have.

1. I simply adore the hand-made art at the back of this dessert table. I might even try to make one for Hannah, I love it that much! I also really like the garland hanging in front of the table. Source.

Ladybug Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


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Rainbow Party Theme Ideas

I’ve had lots of requests through Perfect Party Pieces for some Rainbow party theme ideas, so I thought I’d share some here as well.

Cake Ideas

1. My awesome sister-in-law sent me this photo of an amazing rainbow cake – it’s a Duff Tie Died Cake Mix cake.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

For a fantastic step by step guide on how to make one, check this out!


2. Here is a fantastic visual of how to create this rainbow look, step-by-step. Again, the link to this from Pinterest is not working and I don’t know who to credit.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

3. Here’s another great idea for a rainbow cake and I love the little flags around the outside. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |


I love easy decorations, so here a few ideas:

1. This would make a fantastic centrepiece for a rainbow themed party or for any birthday, simply by putting the correct age into the jar first and filling up with M&Ms, Smarties or Skittles. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

2. This awesome rainbow balloon wall would be a fantastic addition to any party. You could also hide things in the balloons to find when popping, or use the balloons as a part of a party game later in the day. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

Or from the same source:

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

3. Here’s a tutorial to create this cute rainbow cloud garland.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

4. I love the combo of pom poms and balloons, and having the staircase helps to create that rainbow progression too. However, this could easily be recreated on a string, along a window frame or across a patio. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

5. I love the table runner – this could easily be replicated by sewing together different coloured strips of fabric onto one backing piece. I’m loving the umbrellas too! Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

6. This cute ribbon garland just screams festive fun! You could add even more colours to it if you wanted to, or use red, white and blue streamers only for a 4th July or Australia Day feel. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

7. I love the decorations here, especially the colourful cups and plates they’ve used. Mind you, I don’t know about washing up after a party… lol Here’s the source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

Rainbow Cupcakes and Snacks

1. This has to be one of my all time favourite cupcake ideas! Relatively simple to do but so effective. Source.

Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces |

2. Here’s a great for making mini rainbow cakes and a how-to guide that would be easy enough to bake with the kids. Source.

How to make rainbow cupcakes with your toddler | Rainbow Party Theme Ideas | Perfect Party Pieces


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Travel through Color – Inspiration for your next painting project

Travel through Color – Inspiration for your next painting project

I adore travelling the world; I believe that it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to be able to experience other lands, climates and cultures. Indeed when I return home, I plaster my walls, fridge and computer screen with images that I’ve captured from my journey, just so that I can hold onto that feeling a little bit longer. So the thought struck me; why not bring the colors that inspire me from around the world into my home?

The first step is to identify what inspires you – is it a particular color palette, shade or texture of your favorite image? What is it about the photo that evokes that feeling of longing and wonder? Then you need to draw out the essential hues and tones, in order to find paint shades, furniture and accessories to match.

For now I’ve decided to start by sharing some stunning images found through Pinterest (where all original sources and credits can be found), as well as some I’ve taken from my own travels. I’ll then take those color palettes and share some ideas and inspiration with you in upcoming blog posts.

Please head to for the images. Enjoy! :-)


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Mother’s Day Gift and Craft Ideas

With my first Mother’s Day with my little munchkin rapidly approaching, I thought I would share some great Mother’s Day craft ideas I’ve found on the internet and Pinterest.

Hannah and I

1. Mother’s Day Freebies – Here are some great free printables for classroom or home use. I particularly love the vouchers 🙂 

Mother's Day Vouchers

2. Tip Junkie always has fantastic ideas, but with 80 of them just about Mother’s Day gifts, why would you need to look further? Aside from reading the rest of this blog post, of course… 🙂

Tip Junkie

3. These Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments are a beautiful memento of your little one.

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

4. Here’s a cute and simple idea using magnets, so it’s practical too! From Skip to My Lou.

Flower Magnet

5. I just LOVE this idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun – fingerprint pendants, so that you always carry a little piece of them with you!


6. I’ve bought photo keyrings before, but these DIY photo pendants would be fantastic!

do it yourself photo pendants_thumb[1]

7. Now here’s a gift that I have to admit to wanting! A lovely decorated flower pot from Nurture Store.

How to Decorate a Flower Pot

8. These jam jars are decorated with sequins and they look so effective! Gorgeous!


9. I love subway art, especially when it’s free! 247 Moms has a few different ones to choose from, but here’s my fave:


10. Here’s another gorgeous freebie from Boutique Cafe.

11. I love unique gift ideas, so when I found the DIY 28 Gift Ideas page I was thrilled! Here are my favourite ones:

GIft-Ideas-For-Mothers-Day-18         GIft-Ideas-For-Mothers-Day-20

GIft-Ideas-For-Mothers-Day-28       GIft-Ideas-For-Mothers-Day-10


12. I am a sucker for anything with handprints and photos 🙂 This is from Mrs Morrow’s Kindergarten.


13. If you’re into sewing, then you might just be interested in what this page suggests:


14. How awesome is this matchbox locket idea from Lilly Cakes?


15. These bookmarks are very cute from Read Em and Leap.


16. I just love these clay flowers! Head to We Bloom Here for a DIY.

puppets & paper toys 016

17. I love brownies on any day of the week, but when it comes to Mother’s Day, yes please! Smart School House has thought of another way to gift them:

Brownie Buckets

18. Oh. My. Goodness. Enough said! Thank you, The Kitchen Is My Playground, for this amazing NO BAKE choc chip pie!


19. This might just be one of my absolute favourite hand and foot art gift ideas I’ve found this year: creating an apron! Found on the blog ‘Little Page Turners‘, I think this will be an activity to give as a Christmas present this year to the grandparents 😀

Apron handprint gift


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Easter Ideas

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Facebook, collecting some fantastic craft and food ideas for Easter, to share with my followers on the Perfect Party Pieces Facebook page. Some of them are so fabulous that I felt I had to share them here 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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