German Medieval History

NB – More info and sources to come. 

Leading up to the Medieval Period

The area of modern day Germany was settled with the help of tribes from Jutland (Denmark) in c.115BC. The main tribes were called the Teutons and the Cimbri.

From approx. 250AD they started migrating south and west.

Map of Europe c450AD

Map of Europe c450AD

Check out the massive changes in the amount of territory ruled by the Franks in the map above and then below.

Europe c.650

Europe c.650

What do you think happened in the years between 450 and 650 to account for this change? Please show this expanse in territory on your map, either on a new map, or with arrows that have the years attached to them.

Frankish Empire 481 to 814

Frankish Empire 481 to 814

By the year 800, their territory had grown even more to now include parts of modern France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy. This area became known by a special name – see if you can find out what it is and who reigned at this time. What did they do that had such a profound impact?


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